We arrived at Epcot with 3 goals:

1. Breakfast with the Princesses.  I made a reservation for this breakfast on February 9th. When we got there, our name was nowhere to be found.  Apparently I made the reservation ON February 9th FOR February 9th.  That doesn’t make much sense to me, because I am pretty sure I chose a time that had already passed existence. Oh well. The manager and hostess were extremely accommodating, getting us right in on schedule, refunding my no-show fee, and making absolutely zero big deal about it.  I blamed it on Pickle.

I was so pleased to see that my little girls were not too old to be thrilled about meeting the Princesses.

2.GM’s Test Drive Ride.  Jason got word from work that he would be able to get an inside tour and skip the line at the new GM attraction at Epcot.  It was pretty great to get a break from the heat, have a free drink (only thing free the whole trip), and watch the ride from above.  It’s a cool ride for sure.  It was one of the “expectant mother” exceptions I made, and I rode it.

3. Kim Possible Attraction.  On the bus from the airport to our hotel we saw a profile of the resorts and learned about Kim Possible.  The girls got their Kim Possible phones and were off on a mission around Epcot.  It was a great idea to get the kids involved with the World Showcase.  We ended up seeing a lot of details we would have missed.  We only let them do 3 countries because it was super hot and taking a while, but the time we spent on it…highly recommended.


3 responses to “Epcot

  1. Those Princesses are worth the price of that admission.

    • Kristy Glass

      You mean the price of a princess breakfast???!!! PLUS admission??!!

      I’m on the go – excuse the typos!

  2. Those princesses with your princesses are beauties!

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