Technical Difficulties or I have reached 25 Weeks

Baby Girl got a new nickname last week: Pickle.  One Day at the Magic Kingdom, all I wanted was ice cream. And then there were giant pickles on ice right next to the ice cream cart and I knew I needed one.  I ate the entire thing.  It’s not the first time I have craved pickles this pregnancy, but it is the first pregnancy I have had in which I have craved Pickles.  Baby Girl’s new nickname was born: Pickle.  It kept turning up too.

My daughters are growing up and asking for things like email addresses.  I decided to do a little research so that they weren’t stuck with some ridiculous email address with numbers and symbols and made up names.

I thought I might as well just secure some email addresses for all of my kids, but when I went to do Pickle’s email, the server confirmed just how ridiculous I was acting.

I guess I can wait to get my unborn Pickle an email address.  Call it Cyber Nesting.

At my 20 week sonogram, the doc tried to alarm me into thinking Pickle was too tiny.  I did not overreact, but I did agree to come back in 4 weeks.  The 2nd ultrasound technician asked why we were having a growth check so soon….so I explained the whole situation and she and a new doctor assured me Pickle was not only not small, but almost exactly on schedule.  I am feeling very confident about my due date this time around.  No July baby for me.


One response to “Technical Difficulties or I have reached 25 Weeks

  1. Helen Knowles

    Steph is 28.5 weeks – they want her to get to 35 weeks with the twins – will induce if she makes it to 38 weeks. Her babies are right where they should be, although she is extremely anemic. I think she was getting iron infusions today.

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