Fiber Arts: Baby!

I finished a few more knit hats for baby girl.  I love them!  I also (almost) finished a crochet sweater for her…just need to add buttons!  Here is a preview of a few more that I am working on.  I love the stripey one but the yarn doesn’t feel as soft as I thought when I bought it. : (

The swirly one is a preemie pattern and very stretchy, so I am thinking it may be the final contender for the take-home hat.  I compared the hats I’ve made with Lolly’s newborn hospital hat and they are all TOO BIG.    I still have to make some crochet sandals, bonnet (for her blessing dress outfit), and I would like to get a few blankets made. I gotta keep on keeping on.  Won’t it be fun to repost all of these on baby girl?!  Yes! It will!

I’ve enjoyed watching this while I knit and sometimes wait up for Jason to get home.


3 responses to “Fiber Arts: Baby!

  1. I love the swirly one. Think about making some for 6 month size and larger to see her through her first winter. You may not have as much time to knit then. Or rather you may need knitting time for sleeping.

  2. I love the one in the upper left, but the others are also lovely. You must be zipping through these in no time. On another note, you are the 5th person this weekend to mention Downton Abbey – guess I’ll have to find Season 1 and watch to see what all the hype is about. Everyone seems loves this series.

  3. Cute Kristy! I am seriously so excited for you! Wish I were in Astoria, we would probably be hanging out more now that you’re back into the same stages as me again….CRAZY to think about your family with another lil’ babe!

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