23 Weeks

The Braxton Hicks contractions have started already! (already?)  When I run they happen, when I just sit on the couch, any time one could just pop up. I bought a belly bra and a belly support band in hopes that I can jog for longer periods of time without walk breaks and pee breaks.

I’m not that into nursing wear but I found this dress that I think is going to be tops.  I hope it works well.  I love the color.  I think it will be a great summer dress.

I never expected this time around that two of my besties would be pregnant with me (both with #4).  That was a fun surprise. I’ve known about both for a while, but they are going public now, so it’s exciting!  They both think they are having boys, so baby girl will have a boyfriend.

This week I have my midwife appointment and a follow up ultrasound for the shocking news that my baby is measuring small (been through this twice already)… I don’t think I will allow myself to be led down this path of repeat ultrasounds for long, though I am watching my placenta (it’s a little close to the cervix for now).

I am also looking forward to a haircut this week. Though I have decided to grow it out (not sure how long), it’s a hot mess right now.  I would like to have a fresh do for some upcoming spring travels I have ahead of me.

I discovered a fun new song on Pandora this week while Lolly and I counted every last coin in our “house fund” bank account.  Enjoy Merry Happy.


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