Phoning it in.

The only major breakdown I have had this pregnancy was on a Sunday when I just could. not. breathe.  It was about week 2 of the epic virus.  I left our church meeting to take a break from my coughing self and started bawling like a baby.  A friend of mine came to console me and started suggesting many medication options for what ailed me, not knowing I was pregnant.  I finally told her in a spew of tears.  She helped me try to find clear thought, though it was difficult in my state.

Eventually we decided together that I needed to go home.  As she drove me there I decided to give my midwife a call.  She gives her cell phone out to all her clients, since her practice is quite small now.

It was a short conversation. Through my hysterics, I asked her a few questions about what she thought about my condition and what I should do.  I hung up the phone and said to my friend: “That didn’t sound like my midwife at all.”

Weeks passed and at my next midwife appointment we talked about a bunch of stuff, I casually mentioned our conversation sort of hoping she would say: “you called me? I don’t remember that?!,” because I just didn’t think it was really her.  Since she didn’t say that I just figured I was so hysterically off that I didn’t perceive anything correctly.

A few weeks ago, after my 20-week ultrasound I wanted to speak to her about what the ultrasound doc had said, I dialed her cell number and my friend Maribeth’s voicemail came on.

Oh. It all made sense now. I had called Maribeth that day months and months ago.  I am not sure why her number is listed under my midwive’s cell (glad I figured that out NOW instead of when I am in LABOR), but I needed to make sure that is what happened.  I left a message: “Did I call you back in October about what I should do about my labored breathing and if I should go to the doctor?”

She emailed me later that day: ‘Got your message. Yeah, that was me. I thought you called me because you know my Mom is into holistic stuff, and just wanted my opinion.’

Thankfully she didn’t judge me as completely insane, even though that would be completely fair.  I still don’t have my midwife’s cell number. I gotta get on that.


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