21 Weeks

I’m feeling really good still.  I have started to dabble in some wardrobe alternatives here and there (including new glasses, my contacts are too dry this pregnancy).   This week a friend returned 3 pairs of winter maternity pants to me that I never wore or even remember purchasing, so lucky me!  I feel like my chest is enormous even though I am barely a size B (that tells you where I started!).  I am starting to feel that stretch and pull in places, and sometimes I wake up because my hips are sore.

As I approach some trips in warm weather, I am realizing that maternity clothes are inevitable.  The pickings are so so so slim, but I managed to find some options that I think MAY work at asos and pea in a pod.  We shall see.

Since baby girl is moving much more, I am starting to get those nervous feelings when I don’t feel her for a while. I have to remind myself that she is still pretty itty bitty and likes to hide in the back recesses of my uterus.  I have started to buy a few little things for baby girl.  Since her big sisters both ended up with a lovie (as opposed to a blankie, binkie or other random comfort item), I figured she would follow in their footsteps. I bought her a monkey.  It’s pretty cute, and I can already picture what it will look like in 5 years…all dingy and faded and shapeless.

I managed to fit in about 10 miles of combination running and walking. This is the first week it started to feel like I was trying to run while pregnant.  She makes her presence known now–I had to find a bathroom a mile into one run, another I had to stop around 2 miles because I just felt too much pull down there.  My new strategy is going to be run a mile and then walk a bit in between.  I am not ready to give it up yet though!

As if I don’t already have enough fiber arts projects on my plate between now and June, I have decided that yarn-bombing this bad boy is inevitable.  The more I stare at it, the more ugly I think it is, and it leaves raffia residue on your clothes after you stand up.  I think it was meant to be an outdoor porch rocker. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be SWEET!

This week I feel blessed and happy and energetic.


4 responses to “21 Weeks

  1. If you really think she’ll like the monkey, buy two. Will come in real handy when, I mean if, number one gets lost. And wash it as much as number one so it’s a close match. :) Hugs.

  2. wait– i thought you were going to be surprised on the sex this time, but sounds like you found out. i guess i missed something!

    • Kristy Glass

      I wanted to, but 3 out of 4 of us didn’t… Plus it was pretty obvious! In the end, I’m glad I know– but my bank account doesn’t! So many cute clothes!!!

      I’m on the go – excuse the typos!

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