Midwives: Part 2

I was so satisfied with my experience with a midwife for my first birth, that I didn’t even visit an OB/GYN when I got pregnant the second time.  I went straight to a midwifery practice recommended to me by a friend.  I was very excited about this practice because their privileges were at a birthing center within a hospital.  Since my first birth had a lot of medical interference, I felt most comfortable about being in a hospital setting for the second one.

This time I wanted to go for it without the cervical ripener, the pitocin drip, the nubain, the epidural and the subsequent stitches.  I wanted to eliminate all of those from my birthing experience.  And I did.

It was the most empowering thing I ever did.  It was hard.

7 years has given me enough space to be crazy enough to do it again.  Since finishing Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, I have been able to make sense of a lot of different beats that occurred in both of my birth experiences.  Now I am ready to have a baby outside of a hospital, in a free standing birth center, in my own bedroom–in the woods if needs be.  A home birth sounds so lovely, but I traded that list of medical interferences for amniotic fluid, pee, poop, blood and puke, so a hospital sounds just fine to me.  I’ll let the staff take care of the clean up!

The bottom line for me is that birth is nothing to be scared of.  Our bodies are meant to do it, and when in the right hands and after doing the right research, your body will do it.  I don’t think that it COMES naturally to anyone, it takes some mental strategy and preparation, but trusting that it is a natural occurrence will help one make the leap from passive to active in giving birth.

I am spending time meditating on sphincters opening (around June 15th would be good), and fears dissipating.  I am most concerned about a little thing called transition.  I was not prepared for transition last time. I didn’t know how to recognize it, that it was even a stage of labor, and it made me absolutely insane inside.  I’m not sure exactly how I am going to get through it this time, but I’m meditating on that a lot too.

Giving birth is a womanly privilege, and I like it, and I am grateful I get to do it again!

Check out The Farm. Wouldn’t it be so fun to live there for a while? I wish!


2 responses to “Midwives: Part 2

  1. Helen Knowles

    June 16th is a good day!

  2. a friend of mine gave birth at the farm last sept.. she lives in nyc and drove down w her fam (hubby and first born)… maybe they were there for 5 weeks or something (she was two weeks and a few days overdue).

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