Little Gymnast

My baby is going to be tall. It’s a fact.  She is not very coordinated or flexible, but the girl wanted to do gymnastics, so I let her.  I’m not saying I am gymnast material, but at around 5 years of age I was doing aerials.  And I can still do the splits and touch the ground when standing on a step.  I am flexible. Lolly has not my genes in this area.

When I was waiting to watch her for parent-share day, she came over to me and whispered in my ear: “Mom, don’t say anything if everyone calls me (insert a name that is not hers).”  Apparently she decided to be a different girl for the past several months. I found it hilarious to hear the coach and kids call her this name over and over again. She kept looking at me with her mischievous smile whenever this happened, and once didn’t respond at all–because that’s NOT her name!

It makes sense then that one day when I told her I might be 5 minutes late, I found her with coat and backpack on, waiting for me outside on Amsterdam Avenue in the middle of Manhattan. If you trust a 6-year-old to call her a name that isn’t on the books, I guess you wouldn’t know if she took it upon herself to leave the building without a guardian.

What a great kid.


6 responses to “Little Gymnast

  1. There aren’ t words!

  2. Oh, that girl. She is something else!

  3. Too Funny!! At least she remembered to warned you before so you didn’t blow her cover. lol
    I know grown women that would not be caught standing on the street alone in NYC, what a comfort zone.

  4. What a kick!

  5. First, my favorite gymnasts are the tall ones. And second, she is AWESOME~

    • Kristy Glass

      6 feet tall ones?? Because that’s where she’s headed…

      I’m on the go – excuse the typos!

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