I’ve been getting a lot of comments lately about how people didn’t even notice I was pregnant before the girls told them, and I was past my 4-month mark. That is exactly what I want to hear because I was TRYING TO HIDE it!

For my first I was anxious to be in maternity clothes (stupid), and my second I can’t remember how I felt or how I dressed.  This time, I was hiding it from everyone because of my Christmas surprise, but now, hiding it is still not a bad thing.

As I started popping a bit, I realized, that I wear many form-fitting clothes.  This makes sense because of my profession and because I accentuate my thinnest, most flattering part, which happens to be my waist. Unfortunately with pregnancy, the waist becomes obsolete!

My plan of action was to internet shop for tops that were not form fitting, and guess what? there are a lot out there!  I found most success on Urban Outfitters.  They dress these skinny models in baggy, empire-waisted, tunic tops! Bingo!  I bought 4 items in my normal size, and they hid my belly perfectly.  I also bought a baggy blouse from H and M and wore a dress of mine where the natural waist was not quite empire, but up just enough to still button closed!

I also find that some of my true-waisted skirts that used to be a little big and then became more of a relaxed waist skirt on non-pregnant me, are now fitting as true-waisted, sitting right there on my now-a-bit-thicker waist.  That photo of me in the skirt is at 19 weeks! Pretty good!  It only works because it is a full skirt.  I had a fitting for a pencil skirt at 18 weeks and the bump was definitely a bump!

My point is not to brag, because I am a regular old pregnant girl…my point is that we should FIGHT the blah maternity clothes as long as possible!

I tried this sweatshirt with the pockets on and compared it to a maternity shirt of a similar style, and the maternity shirt ACCENTUATED the belly, and this shirt did not…the pockets conceal a ton (I thought the opposite might be true).

My main problem now, going into the next part of my pregnancy is less the belly and more the love handles.  I can wear a few pairs of normal pants still, but the muffin top is out of control.  I now prefer sweaters and longer tops with tights/leggings and boots to conceal the yucky back.  But I like the challenge of fitting into non-maternity clothes–then I will have more options when I am transitioning (hopefully) back to normal me.

I have some warm-climate trips coming up and I will be my biggest in a warm climate, so I have bought a few maternity pieces… I am curious to see how I will like them!  I feel so out of the loop with wear to get the best maternity stuff!

Next challenge: nursing without “nursing” tops.


9 responses to “Hiding

  1. Ugh, nursing without nursing tops-why did no one tell me about this. Goodbye dresses :) I got a ton of cute maternity stuff at forever 21. You’re a beautiful expectant mother. xoxo

  2. nursing w/o nursing tops = layers :)

  3. seriously, many of us would give anything to look like you at 4, 5, or even 9 months pregnant which probably doesn’t look like they are pregnant. You are probably one of those woman who go home from the hospital wearing the jeans they wore before they go pregnant home. You look fantastic!

    • Kristy Glass

      Ha! Thanks !!! Jeans– I did with my first but not second and I have a feeling not with #3… ; )

      I’m on the go – excuse the typos!

  4. I love this. I survived the nursing days in button downs/ups (what ever you call them) for “nursing tops” and they worked great for the post baby belly issues. And, lucky us, they are totally in style and there are tons of different options to choose from.

  5. I don’t own a single nursing top. Never have with any of my three kids. Haven’t even thought twice about it. I don’t think it’s much of a challenge nowadays b/c of all the Hooter Hiders out there, and I’ve found this time around the big Aden and Anais blankets are perfect for keeping modest while nursing. I find that I just don’t care much about my “in between” clothes b/c (hopefully) I won’t be wearing them long. I don’t mind pulling down shirts or stretching a neckline here or there. Agree w/ the layers, especially if you wanna hide your tummy if you have to pull a shirt up. I even have one of those “half shirts” (kinda like a tube top), that will cover your belly, or you could still use a bella band-type thing.

    Yes to leggings. My fave “maternity” stuff is from Forever 21 and H&M – just a larger size. When you don’t spend too much $$$ on cute stuff, you don’t mind it stretching.

  6. PS – You are SERIOUSLY hiding any sort of bump. If I saw you walking down the street I’d never know. I’m usually anxious to show a bit of a bump, just so people know I’m prego… not just getting larger and larger for nothing.

  7. I love that purple shirt on you.

    I never used nursing bras or tops – just not my style and I found it very freeing to stick to my “normal” clothes as long as possible.

    You look awesome. And it seems like you feel awesome too – that’s great :)

  8. Nursing camis. My faves are the Pea in the Pod ones at Macy’s. And I looked at a LOT of them. But then I have some serious gazoongas that need serious support. With this baby, I have used the same two nursing bras (Bravados, and I love them so much i might keep wearing them after she’s weaned), one white and one cream nursing cami.

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