3 for 3

When I met Jason’s mom Tina, over a decade ago, whenever I visited I sensed some sadness from her about losing her baby girl 20 years earlier.  I don’t think the baby even made it into their home, but she was born all the same, the last of 3 children, the only girl.  When Tina was near death, she began speaking of her daughter to Jason and the thought of their reunion after her death brought us much comfort.

Jason and his brother are the only Glass grandchildren of 4 Glass sons the generation before them.  His Dad has 3 brothers and Jason has 1 brother.  I know that Tina is hard at work lining up baby girls to send to us to see that we are not without a female influence.  She’s done it again:


8 responses to “3 for 3

  1. Beautiful post. I think of Tina often when I am hanging with your girls. We can’t wait to welcome this new granddaughter! Love her so much already. And is it just me or can we already see how cute she is??!!! I mean look at that darling nose!

  2. Helen Knowles

    That is so touching – I love the frame and the hair bow on the photo. And this new baby can certainly have a brown bassinette – hope Jason is looking for just the right one for her!

  3. I miss Tina. That was really sweet, and SO is that baby girl! Can’t wait to see all the fun you girls will have!

  4. Hurray for girls! Congrats

  5. Oh what a tender post and great tribute to Jason’s sweet Mom. The few times I was around her she made me feel so comfortable. I will always remember that about her.

  6. The first thing I thought was….oh good, that will make things so much easier if they decide to stay in their current place for awhile. I am way too practical for my own good, but CONGRATS! I love the connection to your MIL. I really do believe strongly that our loved ones who have passed help send along the new ones who arrive in our lives.

  7. Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to meet your lucky little girl.

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