Crochet: Afghan

My goal is to finish all my unfinished yarn projects before June. On the list: bullseye afghan (check), poncho, baby hats, baby sweater, baby afghan (not all for my baby btw), cowl of many colors (2 I hope), turkey hat (maybe), ipod covers, a few scarves, and knitted chevron baby blanket. I have a lot to do.

But! I finished my first one:

This is the second bullseye afghan I have made, this time for my sister!  I like how it turned out. This is really fun and fast to make.


6 responses to “Crochet: Afghan

  1. I really, really love it! Which sister is the recipient?

  2. Lindsay –housewarming

  3. Gorgeous!!

  4. I love it! It really fits me because I love super colorful things! I can’t believe it was fast to make. Doesn’t seem like it. I might steal this picture for my blog because my photos are not as good.

  5. I really really really love this. And I really really really want one :) What do I have to do to make that happen?!

    • Kristy Glass

      Ha ha ha! I can put that on the queue, but as you read, it’s a long queue… So I wouldn’t hold my breath! Maybe I’ll teach you how to make your own in march!

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