Halfway there

You have got to be kidding me that this pregnancy his half way over.  I just cannot believe it.  I feel like it has just begun! Forgive me for documenting the pregnancy, but that’s kind of all that’s going on right now, and also I never had a blog while pregnant before!

For my last two pregnancies, my due dates were 2 weeks off, so even if I could remember the minute details of those, I still think comparing this to that would be a little inaccurate.  Despite gaining all my 1st trimester (and some 2nd tri) weight in a 4 week period (I blame a lot of this on my mother’s treats!), I think I am on track and maybe on the small side because I can still zip a lot of zippers on my regular clothes.  I did have my first maternity modeling casting and got the callback, so I know I am showing!  My main complaint with the body change is the out of control love handles. Yikes, those are handle-icious.

This past weeks major change is I can feel the baby kicking me!  The soft parts became hard, and I feel like there is a little pencil eraser poking around down there. I even felt it from the outside once when I put my hand on my belly.  I am excited for the girls to feel it. Lolly likes to inspect my bare belly and tell me how big it is and kiss it and rub it.

My energy is way better…I am still running a few times a week (slowly).  I did 4 miles on Friday! woot!  I am very dedicated to my ab and kegal work and I still take the stairs when I can and tell myself not to give in to that little voice that says: Just take the escalator, just have a sit, rest!  Because! I still rest a lot, take naps when I can and sleep in WHENEVER possible!

This week is the big ultrasound.  I am looking forward to checking out all the pieces and parts.  I hope for a good health report!  I scheduled it so that the whole family can come and get a good look at our new family member!



8 responses to “Halfway there

  1. So does that mean you’re finding out the sex? Also, I am jealous of any pregnant woman who can still zip up her pre-prego pants at 20 weeks! Not right! And I am all for staying as active as you can during pregnancy (of course pending what your doc says, and how you feel). It completely changed the way I felt w/ #2 and #3, especially after delivery/recovery. I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!

  2. Half way! SO exciting. And I’m glad you are feeling better.

  3. Half way there? I almost feel like I need to book my flight!!!!

  4. I could tell in your Vogue Knitting update – you and Stephanie look about the same (she is very small with twins at 23 weeks). You look marvelous – and maybe we’ll see some pregnancy ads with you at Kohl’s again.

  5. It all sound so exciting!!!! Can’t wait for the news. How precious to share with the whole family too.

  6. Already being halfway done and feeling like it’s gone by fast is a great thing!!! Can’t wait to hear the news this week!!!

  7. so exciting :)

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