On teaching 3 Year olds

This week was my 3rd Sunday teaching 3 year olds. I usually have 6 out of 8 kids attend.  Spending time with them is a good reminder of where my new life is heading: Lots of patience, repetition, routine and love.

Each of my kids is so entertaining.  I have one who is obsessed with my heels and tights and today spent a large part of the class examining another girls painted finger nails.  One girl who is willing to take on any boy at any moment, she had a full out tug of war with our walking rope, with the toughest boy in class.  The toughest boy in class seems to be warming up to me a bit, I catch him putting his hand on my leg or sitting a little close, or even CHOOSING to sit next to me, which I think is sweet.

They all continue to test me by getting out of their seats just ONE MORE TIME or turning off the light (today I put masking tape over it! smart!) or standing on their chair and jumping off.  Thankfully they are 3, and move just slow enough that I can anticipate some of their shenanigans.  I would definitely be sorry if I forgot my deodorant on a Sunday.

This app has helped my class a lot. When I need to break up the energy a bit, we karaoke to a primary song.  They love the ipad.  So do I.

Those kids are keeping me young.


2 responses to “On teaching 3 Year olds

  1. I think you nailed it by using those four words: patience, repetition, routine and love. So true. Not an easy calling. I admire your positive attitude. Thanks for the app recommendation!

  2. Cute stories. This is going to be fun reading about your kids. Its actually helpful cause I have no idea how to handle, teach, play with 3 year olds. I’m taking note, fyi.

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