Vogue Knitting Live!

New York City is so grand because everything comes to you!  I had been seeing advertisments for Vogue Knitting Live ever since the NYC Yarn Crawl and I knew I needed to be a part of it. As it approached I realized I didn’t have the money or wherewithal to do a class, but the marketplace!?–I’m there.

I was so glad that my new friend Jen emailed me about going. We met at the lion brand studio when we were in line to enter a contest….and she was the PERFECT person to have at Vogue Knitting Live, she is VERY passionate about her fiber arts. She even bought the size 50 knitting needles.  My old friend Angela came too and she bought the most beautiful knit bracelet kit….  The kits REALLY sold all of us because we could see everything done and then get all the materials.  I bought a kit for a koigu cowl and a poncho.  It was such a great way to spend the afternoon in New York City!


3 responses to “Vogue Knitting Live!

  1. sounds and looks fun

  2. Heaven!

  3. size 50 They must be like 1.5″ dowels. I’ve got some broomstick needles from the 70s and I thought they were huge.

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