Yarn Crawl: Illinois


As I have already mentioned, I have found some soulmates in my mom and sis-in-law when it comes to fiber!  I suggested we go on a YARN CRAWL in Illinois, and my Mom was on it like white on rice.

She found 3 stores within a certain vicinity for us to stop by, and disappointed we were NOT.  My favorite was string theory for its commitment to the world at large. From their website: “That’s why we feature yarn from companies that provide an opportunity for impoverished women to feed their families and send their children to school.

I picked up a skein of yarn made of all different fibers and made a cowl.

The second was Lizzie’s Yarn shop.  It had a vast amount and variety of yarn.  I would definitely go there again. I wish it was a bit warmer in the shop and better lighting, but it was still a great spot.  I picked up 5 yards of a 1987 Christmas print cotton to make the girls jammies for next year, and my mom got a crazy mixed-fiber skein of yarn.

I spent 5 hours winding it. She spent about 2 hours knitting it into a scarf.  That’s her taking a turn, but I did all the work….it was really fun though, to see which fiber was coming up next:

Our third shop had a lot of potential but the owner of the shop needed a good staff to organize her yarn.  I am so spoiled having purlsoho and lion brand studio in my neighborhood, I have high expectations of organization and presentation.  I think I will definitely return to the two stores I featured here though, the next time I am in town!


4 responses to “Yarn Crawl: Illinois

  1. Shopping those yarn shops would be what I call a bit of heaven. There’s nothing like shopping with women that appreciate the wares.

  2. I would have never gotten that yarn wound into a ball without YOU! Thank you, again! I love how it is placed next to one of my cans of diet coke in the photo! The yarn crawl was definitely one of the high points of the holiday!

  3. Mia Bella in Highland Park is warm and cozy and delicious. Also I hear Stitches in Hubbard Woods/Winnetka is lovely. If you need to visit the North Shore the next time you’re here….:)

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