19 Weeks

This past few weeks I had a few pregnancy milestones:

1. First maternity casting.  I went on my first go-see for my belly.  I was practicing sticking it way out while riding the elevator up to the audition and …

2. I had my first stranger tell me Congratulations, and ask: You’re first?  Nope. #3….and she had 3 too.

3. I started feeling the baby actually kick more consistently this week.

4. My heartburn started.  So I bought TUMS for the first time in 7 years (back when I was last pregnant).  I think the formula has improved! They did not TOTALLY disgust me.

In other news…the baby girl name I was absolutely set on is actually way more popular than I realized so I think I have come up with an alternative that everyone really likes.  If I am having a son, I have a feeling he will be named SON or JaSON….it’s looking pretty bleak for baby boy names over here at the Posse Pad.

I am working furiously to finish my fiber arts projects so that my yarn stashes can become diaper and baby clothes stashes.  It’s been doable though because Jason has been working very very hard this past week…he has had the craziest work week in 10 years at his company.  Good vibes for Jason.

Almost half way done? What the what?


12 responses to “19 Weeks

  1. None of those names sound like you…i’m dying to know…which one was it? Tell tell! :)

  2. Brie–I have tried to use psuedonyms on the blog though I am pretty sure most people know my kids real names….and the name I like may still make the cut…when I say “everyone” likes my new suggestion, that includes just the Posse….I have a feeling “everyone” won’t like the name at all….I remember a friend of mine said last time I went through this and heard what name I had chosen, speaking on behalf of our friends: “We had some concerns…” So! I’m not gonna reveal it.

    : )

    Boys names? We just keep going around in circles. Right now the girls are calling him Kevin. I have a feeling that is NOT going to be his name.

    We will see…time will tell! Got any suggestions?

    I like names with 5 letters that are not in the top 1000 of popular baby names.

  3. I think I’m due just a few days before you, and I’m hoping to find out what we’re having when I go to the states next week. We made sure the names we’ve chosen have been nowhere near the top of the popular baby names list for the past 100 years. The world does not need anymore Ethan’s or Emma’s, as far as I’m concerned.

  4. After scrolling through the top few hundred names for boys I have reached the following conclusions:
    1. A large number of parents are insane.
    2. I am now less critical of top-10 naming. Getting a whole pile of top-10-name kids is better than a lot of the names that are somehow making it into the top 100. I am glad those top-10 parents didn’t opt for some of the top-100 alternatives.

  5. well kg~ thankfully its your baby, so u get the honor of picking the name! My 2nd was a boy & that was a toughie….we had named our 1st (girl) after daddy, so that wasnt an option~(no george foremans here!) we ended up taking his name frm a favorite move character! Corny i know, but it means alot to us! Good luck & congrats!!!

  6. I did a shout out on fb for boy names and seriously got over a hundred suggestions. It was pretty cool actually. Boy names are hard in my opinion. Especially if you’re trying for five letters, which it sounds like you might be. Good luck! Can’t go wrong with girl names in my opinion. So many great ones.

  7. 19 weeks is close to the 50 yard line. Kevin was third and moved up to second place on the list when we named Taylor. Checking in family trees can be an interesting source. Scott and I both have Morgan on our family trees, so did Paul and Sherrie thus Thayne Morgan, and Quinn Morgan. I love surname names for boys. I don’t care for boys names that end in y as in baby. It’s nice to keep it to yourself so opinions don’t sway you.

  8. Anson for a boy.

  9. rearrange the letters in Jason=Sonja

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