Knitting: Christmas Break Projects

Last time I visited my Mom and my sister-in-law was there too, we found ourselves at hobby lobby buying lots of yarn. They are my fiber arts family buddies!  This time around I felt a little silly packing yarn along with ALL THOSE GIFTS, but I am so glad I did because I got a lot done on my trip!

Finally finished Lolly’s hat to match mine, gloves similar to mine (both her request), made a new cowl (I DID buy that yarn on the trip), and a hat for Jason (who refused a pom-pom to my great disappointment).

I spied some recycled afghans at Urban Outfitters.  I loved seeing some fiber arts in action! I also saw some intact afghans very similar to these at a local Savers on sale for $1.99 which made me a little sad. Someday, will my afghans be on sale at a Savers for that much?  Oh well, I am sure the purchasers will feel the love.

The yarn pictured below is the one purchase I made locally, and it was really fun to knit and now wear since it is a completed cowl!  I am so happy Sam’s wife loves knitting and crocheting too–we had a lot of fun!

I wanted to make progress on a knitted chevron blanket for baby (that I have frogged 3 times now), but it takes too much of my concentration to do at any social/family function, so that will have to be worked on little by little as alone time permits.   I’m hoping to stop by the marketplace of Vogue Knitting Live tomorrow! Yeah for NYC!


One response to “Knitting: Christmas Break Projects

  1. Hearts knit together with love. She who dies with the most yarn is a stable girl with no therapy bills. I just picked up yarn for 3 more projects myself. Have been knitting an earflap hat for little Ila the past two days.

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