18 Weeks

Last week was probably the best week I have had whilst being aware of being pregnant.  I had a few days there where I had a pep in my step and I was loving my city and my station in life.  I didn’t feel like I needed a nap probably 4 out of 7 days! A miracle!  My morning sickness is almost completely gone.  I can even wait about 10 minutes in the morning before eating.

I ran 4 miles on Saturday–it was a such a gorgeous day! Near 60 degrees! It was such a great run.  Everyone keeps asking if and when we are going to find out what we are having.  The girls and Jason really want to find out and I am warming up to the idea because my aversion to fiber arts has worn off and now I want to make the baby stuff.

The physical changes are starting to creep up and bug a little, so I need to settle into the new body, but I’m trying.  I am kind of surprised I still fit in my clothes (although they probably look a little funny), but I don’t remember how all that progressed with #1 and #2.  Though I have no desire to audition or work, I actually enjoyed the two castings I had this week.   I can feel the baby here and there which is a nice reminder of what this is all about.  I can’t wait until the girls can feel a kick.

After I tucked Lolly into bed last night with a raspberry on her cheek, she decided the baby needed one too, so right on the belly I got a raspberry.



3 responses to “18 Weeks

  1. I can so relate to those strange aversions during pregnancy. In my case, I couldn’t stand the thought of cutting my stained glass. It was enough to make me even more nauseated! I wasn’t capable of working on my glass jewelry until well after my daughter was born. So glad you are feeling like you can do what you love again so soon! Love hearing your updates. :)

  2. Happy for you that you’re moving past morning sickness. Have another great week this week.

  3. The little girl in the pink moonboots, has to be a doll. She’s the perfect proportions for a doll and so cute! I love that Phoebe is learning to sew and liking it. That is super cool!!

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