Last Job

This past summer my kids decided they didn’t want to pursue modeling anymore.  It wasn’t a huge part of our lives really, but in the summer when they became “available”, every time there was a casting they did not want to go…so we decided to be done.  Their last job together was for a charter school in New York City that needed a little peppering salting for their photos.  Basically the population of the school was 99 percent African American and they paid my little girls to add some diversity.

They both got a uniform and participated in several classes together.  I think they thought the experience was pretty odd, but seemed to have a good time.  They actually went twice I think and even played hooky from their own school.   Friends of ours have been receiving these brochures in the mail and they always seem thrown off by my kids faces in a school where they do not attend….that’s how I ended up with these shots….they both look way different to me now.  Growing up!


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