Blog Catch-up.

Despite my holiday hiatus, I was blogging behind the scenes….here are the posts that I have finally published now that my news is out.  Enjoy!

TTC October 18th

TTC October 20th

TTC October 21st

Week 7

9 Weeks

Week 10

11 Weeks

12 Weeks

Lolly is on to me December 4th

14 Weeks

15 Weeks

It looks like such a tiny little list there, but I assure you it’s been kind of a journey.  I realize also that the blood is never explained. I had a blood clot that was actually tinier than the .7 cm baby, and until my next sonogram confirms it’s disappearance, I assume it is no longer an issue.

I also never went on steroids but I did go on an antibiotic that my midwife prescribed, and it zapped my sinus infection finally! I still have a tiny cough, but it’s loose and manageable.


One response to “Blog Catch-up.

  1. This is so very personal to you and your family. I’m so glad you documented the details. Your little Lolly is so observant. She’s very intuitive and honest. She must keep you in stitches constantly. I was praying that part of your illness was due to pregnancy and to have it be true even if it was fatigue, that is a small price to pay. Thanks for sharing this joyous new chapter in your life.

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