5 Days of Christmas: Jingle Bell Jog

Last year I ran the Jingle Bell Jog for 4 miles as my family cheered me on. I made an upbeat Christmas playlist, donned my read Team Sparkle skirt and ran my little heart out. It was hard.  I knew I had a lot of work to do before I did the half marathon in April.

This year the whole Posse decided to do the Jingle Bell Jog, and I was thrilled because not only did it mean running together, but I could also combine my two favorite hobbies–of course we needed hand knit/crocheted items to make ourselves truly Jingleriffic.

I had some extra red, white and green in my stash from some afghan projects and the 3rd grade class play, so I utilized that for the leg warmers that I crocheted over our trip to Memphis.  The hats I made with the brand new Martha Stewart eyelash glitter yarn IN THE ROUND and finished off with DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES. I only had to frog two full hats…..I was VERY proud of myself! Thank you Vickie Howell for the pattern.

I love the Jingle Bell Jog because EVERYONE is excited to be there and dressed like a crazy person, and that is just my favorite space to occupy. Two of my half-marathon girls were there and I was so happy to see them.  I thought our costumes were a little over the top, but actually, not so much. I think I will have to step it WAY up for next year.

We ran as a family for the most part…J and I finished with Lolly at around 53 minutes–we weren’t last! We kept reminding her of the red and green bagels at the end and that really seemed to motivate her. She grabbed one of each.  It was the perfect pace for me as it was my first run back in 6 weeks.  It was 3.7 miles this year instead of 4, but pretty much same difference.

I ran into two girls in their team sparkle skirts….it felt like instant sisterhood, so of course we took some pics:

This event was a serious highlight for me as I have spent most of the season blowing my nose, pulling various rib muscles from coughing THAT hard and watching episodes of Friday Night Lights on my ipad from my cozy bed.


One response to “5 Days of Christmas: Jingle Bell Jog

  1. What a great family activity. Love the outfits!

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