15 Weeks

December 18, 2011

I’m finding it easier to report on my “weeks” the night before I actually turn that week pregnant.  Sunday’s allow me more time for reflection than any Monday.

I’ve still been throwing up here and there…always in the morning, and I blame the nasty phlegm situation that continues from my epic virus.  In general, I’d say the really hard all-day morning sickness has passed.  I am still quite exhausted at different points in my day and at night, but that’s ok.  I worked out a few times last week, so I am hoping to pick that up some more now that I am feeling better.

There are two girls in my congregation at church who have announced their June pregnancies.  Around Thanksgiving, I was VERY concerned that I would be able to hide this from others, but so far, I have been able to dress very strategically, and I really don’t think anyone suspects.  I will be surprised if when someone finds out, they say: I suspected…

This week Lolly sat down next to me in her flute lesson, slapped my stomach and said: You’ve got a little belly.

I gave her a dirty look and then she said matter-of-factly–Well, you do.

Today in church Phoebe asked me how old I was when my brother Sam was born.  I told her 9….she asked if I could please just have a baby when she was 9. I explained that I would have to be 7 months pregnant in order for that to happen and that she needed to just give up hope that that would happen.

The topic is in the air.  I think they can feel the energy shift or something.  I just hope beyond hope that they are truly surprised on Christmas day when I tell them.  I can’t wait.


One response to “15 Weeks

  1. Kristy this account is very personal but since you’ve shared, I am just in awe what you’ve been going through. Honestly during your fever, sick period it was lingering so long I seriously hoped and prayed that perhaps you were also pregnant. I am stunned at how in tune Lolly is an also has a mighty critical eye which is another pretty cool trait to see she has. Some people have it and some don’t. It’s cool she does. This is a tender sweet story to be able to read. Thanks for recording it and sharing, can’t for more chapters in this new book of your life.

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