14 Weeks

December 11, 2011

Technically tomorrow is 14 weeks, but I have a busy week so I am taking a few minutes to write right now.

This past week I finally made some progress with my virus…I am FINALLY getting better little by little. On Saturday I ran/walked the Jingle Bell Jog with my family and the hardest part was the pain I felt in my back and ribs from the coughing injuries.

My morning sickness is way more under control…I just have to eat a little something as soon as I wake up and I am good for the day.  Eating can become an emergency because when I am hungry I must eat RIGHT away to avoid dry-heaving, but it is very manageable. The great thing about being pregnant in NYC is that you can purchase ANYTHING you can dream of eating within a few blocks of your location.

A huge downside to being sick is that I can barely taste or smell. I eat constantly and enjoy NONE of it.

I am now enjoying the challenge of hiding the pregnancy. I have found some really good outfit options and I don’t think anyone suspects. Only 14 more days to hide it.

Today after church Phoebe told me her primary teacher told her class that someone who works in primary is pregnant. The girls started guessing and actually the teacher said: “Phoebe’s Mom” and Phoebe said, she said: “No!”  And then the real person who is pregnant was revealed. This lead to a discussion by the girls about how they would like me to just please TRY to have a baby brother. Jason just flat out told them that was never going to happen.  Then they decided to throw out some name options for the imaginary baby and Lolly suggested “Potty John …that’s 2 Toilets!” (she got that from a Disney Channel show)



One response to “14 Weeks

  1. My kids wanted to name our baby Dufus Eye-Patch Stinky Butt. Yeah—that would’ve been a good one. Feel free to steal it if you’re having a boy – although who knows, it could be a unisex name. I wish you were finding out what you’re having (even though clearly it’s none of my business). I’m just dying to know!!!!!!!!!! All this talk of baby brother. Congrats!

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