December Concerts

This season’s concert preparation felt super stressful.  The girls both had evaluations (like a college jury to see how well you are learning your instrument), followed by concerts. The pieces were the same, the environment, much different.

I had been sick during all the important practicing weeks, so Jason was doing his best to prepare especially Phoebz for her evaluation.  As they get older, it feels more important somehow, and we all fell victim to the stress around these performances.  Thankfully I had picked out the wardrobe (thank you Crewcuts) months before it was required, so they were set to go.

Unfortunately, concert day was mighty cold, so the girls dressed in layers and packed their concert shoes in their backpacks. By the time Phoebe got to school, she was missing one shoe.  Lolly’s concert preceded Phoebe’s, so once I learned she was down a Kenneth Cole, I ran to the streets of New York. NYC is so grand because you can buy your daughter a pair of concert shoes in a NY minute (literally.) I returned after a quick swoop in and out at the GAP with a new pair of (not quite as spectacular but it’ll do) flats for her concert.  Much better than socks and converse.

After it was all over we had a beautiful dinner out at the (arguably) best Italian in our neighborhood.  I ordered the special: Carrot Fettucine with Sun-dried tomatoes.  I still could not smell or taste at this point in the epic virus, but I thought I sensed a hint of spice.  When Jason tried it, he nearly choked it was so hot. I had on idea.


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