My Loves

Over lunch we were discussing election day and how we were NOT voting for president today, but for some other offices of the government.

Phoebe asked me if I was going to vote for Obama again, if I thought he did a good job.  I told her probably not, because I was concerned about the unemployment rate.   She asked me if I regretted it and I told her I didn’t because given all the choices, I really believed in him. I thought he had great energy and spirit and speeches and I wanted to vote for him.

Lolly suggested that we should vote for Dad because he would be really good at being President AND she wanted to live in the White House.  Phoebe proclaimed she thinks she could handle being the President. I challenged little miss sensitive on that point–told her she would be criticized for her every move…could she handle it?  It was a really nice no-school day lunch conversation.


Just uttering the words MUSIC THEORY, you collapse like the scarecrow without his straw.

You had such bad bronchitis you had to miss one of your best friend’s birthday parties (a mystery whodunit), but I had the idea to have you skype in, so that you could participate and hearing your excitement from the next room made me so happy!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you are in a good mood.  It’s a little rare these days, and it’s such a blessing to see you sing it out and dance and be joyful.


Rolling around on my bed with only her shirt on….I asked, why EXACTLY are you crying?  Your response: “CLOTHES!”  Oh my, you are only 6.

Mom I like ice cream better than science.  Upon further conversing, your point was that you liked science VERY much, but ice cream just a little more.

After practicing the flute, she decided to play me an improvisation while kneeling on my bed.  When she was done, she pointed to a spot on my comforter and said: “Wow, you really sweat when you’re in your bed–look at that sweat spot!”  I said: “Or could it be YOUR spit from YOUR flute?” She smiled that wily smile of hers.


serving, serving, serving….helping me while I was sick!!!


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