October Loves


I kept making the same mistake while accompanying you, so you made me repeat the measure-in-question 10 times. I wonder where you learned that from…

we were standing waiting for Mother / Daughter hip hop to start, and you walked over to me and said: I didn’t fart. I inhaled, and knew you were a big fat liar.

Changing “Fiona the Flute Fairy” to “Lolly the Flute Fairy”. I am so over those dumb fairy books.

You just LOVE your gold lame leggings, they now have a hole in the knee, but you still wear them all the time.

You are obsessed with egg salad, but it has to have the green stuff and be made by Fresh Direct.


Playing fairies and goblins with Lolly, you both kept calling them GoblinD

Reading your social studies book out loud to me about the fur trade in the 1600’s, your pronunciation of the French explorers was cracking me up.

Still wanting to play Fairies with your friends during recess, and not tag.

Being excited for me when I won the yarn basket.

I have never seen someone so excited about a palette expander. So frankensteinish…shudder.

Your glee at spying your friends arriving across the street.  You always love a party.

Having some regrets about not being as creative about your costume as past years….you have many more years ahead of you, don’t worry.

When I fell asleep while we were playing Barbies you started crying and then told me I have never played with you ever, your entire life, and there is proof because in home videos you are always playing alone. (I’m holding the camera dummy (I didn’t call her a dummy))


leaving me the edge of the brownie when you knew I really needed it.

Pitching in all the time to do the dishes, make the lunches, getting the kids to school on time.

Coming back from the dead.  You are exercising again and doing your thing, and it’s nice to have you back.

Hanging out with you at the Halloween parties…thanks for fixing my roller skate. You’re the best.

Watching me play Barbie’s with the girls. I think you were genuinely entertained by my choices.


2 responses to “October Loves

  1. What a good man for giving you the edge of the brownie.

  2. I am so relieved that J is not dead.

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