Halloween Costumes Revealed

I wanted the girls to be a 50’s Brownie and Girl Scout, but they totally went for stylish Halloween chic or whatever you want to call it.  I was ok with it as I totally lost steam for Halloween this year.  Jason and I had our costumes before summer hit, which was key to our success this year.  I ended up glue-gunning together all our hats, Jason’s HIRES patch and my tray items.  I realized once I glued down my Hires Rootbeer bottle and plastic basket, I really should have crocheted a hamburger and french fries, but I didn’t have time.

I also wanted a wig, but I never found just the right one, so I was like a 50’s/60’s combination of a made-up Soda hop.  My roller skates were super fun, except for when I got a bunch of spider web stuck in one wheel.  My soda-delivery-man took care of that and fixed me all up.

The weather on Saturday was bananas.  We spent lots of money on cabs as our trains were on a wonky weekend schedule and the snow/rain was cold and very wet.  We pressed forward with a happy attitude though, and got through two parties in two completely different parts of town.

I am pretty excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, so I am actually relieved Halloween is over!

My friend Angela poses with me in our vintage glory, her confections are to the left.  Jason fixes my skate and the girls bob for marshmallows.


7 responses to “Halloween Costumes Revealed

  1. Your family Halloween photo is so dang cute! These photos are so packed with charm, that’s why I love them so much! Details make the difference. Love your giant rickrack trim on your hat, love all the colors, pompoms on the skates kill me. The girls look grand too! Color choice and style makes them stand out.

  2. Helen Knowles

    Great costumes – you sort of remind me of the soda hops from my youth. You all are so creative. We just turned off the porch light after about 200 trick or treaters knocked on the door. Very polite and the time period was only 6-8 p.m. But, boy, did they come in droves this year.

  3. Another TEN for the Glass Posse!

  4. Lower left pic is a grand shot. I love how the Hires patch shows. Does NYC know about Hires? Worth a google research. I know they are around the SL Valley.

  5. I really love your costume, Kage! Great colors. Hope it was a great one! Tonight I saw triplets walking around with crocheted green eyeball hats like the three aliens from toy story. Their older brother was Buzz Lightyear. It was so cute. Made me think of something you could create. Happy Halloween! Now let the Christmas season begin!

  6. Oh my gosh, you look SO much like your mom in the photo with your friend!

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