October 18, 2011

It’s been just a few months of trying to get pregnant.  The first cycle trying I thought maybe I was, because I had some spotting right around the times when one does have spotting for implantation etc.  Then I got my period and I was very disappointed.

The second cycle through I got my period right on time, around day 30.  It took a while to get going, then lasted longer than usual, I had bleeding going on for about 3 weeks.  During this time Jason was very very sick. After about 3 weeks I started mentioning it to some friends.  One friend suggested I was miscarrying a chemical pregnancy.  I thought that was an interesting idea.  I don’t remember ever having a 3-week period but my husband says my period is always wonky and told me not to worry about it.

Finally I decided to just call my doctor.  She suggested I take a pregnancy test, which I thought was weird. I almost didn’t, but then thought-hey, I have a few on hand, why not?

At 2 AM I woke up to go to the bathroom so I thought that would be the best sample.  Within 2 seconds I had a positive test!  I didn’t believe it.  I had to get out the little booklet to show me what a positive test looked like. Of course I couldn’t sleep after that and I just kept thinking it wasn’t a real pregnancy, it had to be the chemical pregnancy my friend was talking about–all that blood!  Plus I hadn’t had much time between Jason being sick and this positive test to have gotten pregnant again (if that blood had been a miscarriage)…so weird.

I consulted my “chemical pregnancy” friend again and she told me to take another one.  Around 10 AM I did, and it was positive too.  I had never had a test be that positive so quickly (I didn’t even test positive with my first).  I decided to head to the doctor for a blood test and did a little calculating.  If the 3 weeks of blood was just a weird fluke situation, then I could be 7 weeks pregnant.  The only pregnancy sign I had had was feeling EXHAUSTED at certain moments of the day, taking little cat naps to counteract that, a mysterious rash (but I often have those) and being pretty hungry.  We will see.


One response to “TTC

  1. Funny, I have a virtually identical photo of this very same pregnancy test (in mine, the pink cap is to the right). I’m due just four days before you with my first. Congratulations!

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