Knit Week: Sheep & Wool Festival

Sicky-kins Jason was meant to run a marathon last weekend, but I have to say I completely LUCKED OUT that he couldn’t run it, because I learned about the Sheep and Wool Festival on Ravelry just last week, and I decided we would go do THAT instead of run or watch someone run 26.2 miles. WAY better choice.I’ve never seen so much yarn in one place in my LIFE.  I was feeling overwhelmed by the Yarn Crawl, well this was just unprocessable, I didn’t buy one skein.  If I hadn’t had the fam with me, I would have totally caved to the peer pressure of this line. These people were lined up to CHECK OUT.  I must discover this yarn.

I wish I had just bought some of the yarn from loop. The girl who makes it was super cool, wore these awesome, thigh-high leg warmers over her jeans, and can you believe I actually passed up the TROLL yarn?

Lolly and Phoebe were totally into the festival–made me SO happy.  Lolly really appreciated seeing RAM-to-wool-to-roving-to-spinning-to-yarn, and they loved petting the CASHMERE goat! ooh-la-la. Fancy!  I think Jason’s favorite part was the auction. I had NO IDEA what that guy was saying, but it was exciting. I tried not to make any sudden movements, lest he think I was bidding. I really wanted to bid on the sheep that was pregnant with twins though.  What a loss for me.

An unexpected highlight of all the animal ogling was the Mama Kangaroo with the Joey in her pouch.  Truly a sight none of us had seen before, we could not stop staring.

We will definitely be returning to the Sheep and Wool Festival. I would not miss the soft pretzels or pumpkin pie we devoured. Phoebe would love to get some Shepherds Pie again and next time I will have a good big budget to buy the yarn I so envied at the festival.  Maybe next time we will stop in AFTER Jason meets us there on his bike or runs a marathon…then we would all experience an ideal day!


2 responses to “Knit Week: Sheep & Wool Festival

  1. That’s a unique adventure

  2. so sad I missed out on this! very cool that you got to go, though!

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