Knit Week: Love Scarf Project

This month I’m knitting a sparkly pink scarf in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. I hope that a Breast Cancer Fighter will choose it when the Love Scarves are handed out during the Holidays.  Will you please consider creating a Love Scarf or Hat for the cause?

Here are a few ways you can follow Love Scarf Project:

Love Scarf Blog

Love Scarf Ravelry Group


Email me with inquiries about where to send your items or where I can locally pick them up!

lovescarfproject (at) kristyglass (dot) com




2 responses to “Knit Week: Love Scarf Project

  1. my daughter (11yrs old) and i want to start knitting/crocheting…is one better/easier than the other? and what is your suggestion on where to start…hats, scarves? we would love to be able to do something for the love scarf project as well. thanks!

    • Well! I originally thought knitting was easier because I could not wrap my brain around crochet, but now I think crochet is easier for a beginner–one needle only and MUCH more forgiving when you make a mistake.

      I am self-taught from Martha Stewart dot com and now whenever I am tripped up I go straight to youtube, search the stitch I am in need of help and it pops up.

      Martha knitting link:

      I learned crochet from the book Happy Hooker.

      link to the book:

      I am sure there are PLENTY of classes in your community too….once you open up to this world, you will see just how many resources there are. I would suggest joining ravelry (free) for easy/beginner free patterns, and also searching Lion Brand’s database.

      I think a scarf would be the easiest start project in either knit OR crochet. YEAH! I am excited for you!

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