Knit Week: Audrey Gloves

I met the designer of many knit patterns at La Casita Yarn Shop in Brooklyn. I bought this beautiful washable merino wool by malabrigo in rios and her Audrey Gloves pattern.

It was pretty delicious knitting with this yarn.


6 responses to “Knit Week: Audrey Gloves

  1. Helen Knowles

    One of my friends made me fingerless gloves so my hands wouldn’t be cold at work – I love them. That looks very nice.

  2. WOW! You are really becoming the knitting queen. Way to go and these are cute.

  3. you are really good! wow!

  4. Amazing how just trying dp needles and round needles opens up another new world of knitting. The only straight needles I use are dps. Everything else I knit is done on round (circular) needles. They make knitting much more comfortable. Another benefit is by adapting most patterns, I can knit without seaming afterwards. (Maybe only a bit of kitchener stitching at the underarm or shoulder.) I love the learning curve process that is expanding your talents and joy.

  5. Super cute!!!

  6. Love!!

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