I’m gonna be honest, it’s been hard to keep up with the blogging for the past several months.  I do a lot of one-day-a-week blogging where I publish posts for future days.  Now that school has started, I can barely keep up with that.

I fear we are a bit overscheduled.

Monday: each girl has a music lesson during school, Phoebe has her violin duo after school and then after an hour break the three of us go to Mother-Daughter Hip Hop.

Tuesday: Lolly has gymnastics and Phoebe has sewing class. I spend an hour and a half on the train taking Phoebe to sewing, picking up Lolly, then picking up Phoebe before we head home around 6

Wednesday: Right after school the three of us go to Central Park for some circuit training. Usually we run/walk for about 15 minutes, then do some side gallops along the mall, go up and down the stairs at Bethesda Fountain and then run/walk some more.  After that Lolly has flute ensemble.

Thursday:  Each girl has a private lesson during school.  (I include this detail so that you can picture 3 backpacks and two instruments being schlepped along with wildcards: umbrellas, groceries, shopping bags, mail for the post office) Is our free day to do things like orthodontist appointments, errands, playdates or vegging at home.

Friday: Phoebe has tap class.

You’d think I would have some free time during school hours (certainly NOT in the afternoon), but instead my time is filled up with auditions, rehearsals for my show (are you coming?), PTA responsibilities (I have more this year), cooking (often I make dinner ahead of time now that I have a handy dandy meal plan), visiting teaching, lunch with a friend, and running.

Jason has been sick now for 17 days, tonight his fever is 100 degrees and his cough is something to behold.  Finally he is helping out with some of his chores again, but for a while there I was go – go – go!  Ok, let’s face it, I still am….which brings me back to the beginning. Fitting the blogging in has been a challenge, but I am trying to keep afloat!


10 responses to “Honest

  1. what did the doc say jason had? thats a long time to have fever. poor guy…and wife too!

  2. The best news is Jason’s fever breaking and that you are all healthy. Has Phoebe just started Tap? Is Lolly still taking it? Maybe I’ve got who’s in tap confused. Thanks for taking time to blog when you can. I really enjoy it.

  3. Helen Knowles

    What’s going on with Jason – I agree with Christy – that’s a long time for a fever and feeling poorly. As for you, I’m exhausted reading about your days! Be careful not to over extend yourself. The Glass Posse would be in bad shape if both adults were sick!

  4. So wish we were there to help out!! Sorry Kristy. But you’re wonderwoman and will pull through. Sending healthy vibes Js way…

  5. Oh, here are my prayers for a healthy husband!! I’m so sorry he’s been sick. You’re enabling your kids to have so many good experiences – nice job :)

  6. You never cease to amaze me.

  7. Seriously, what does Jason have? That is a really long time to be sick – it sounds like something is wrong, more than just a virus…

  8. hey kristy-
    so forgive me for being upfront but jason should really go get checked out if he hasn’t OR get a second opinion. my pastor had walking pnemonia for several weeks, thought he was recovering, and collapsed and died. i don’t mean to scare you but it was more severe than they thought. try to convince him to see a doc again!!!

    • Kristy Glass

      Everyone keeps telling me he’s going to die! He has seen a doctor, but not a second opinion! He’s stubborn! I hope it’s not his time to go.

      Sent from my possePad

  9. All I can say is GEEZ!!! You need a momma’s helper! :)

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