Troll Stroll

This past Saturday NYRR’s sponsored a Norwegian Running Extravaganza. Jason was meant to run the half marathon at 8:30, but he is still quite ill, so I just took the girls to the troll stroll.

The troll stroll turned out to be a little sprint race divided by age group, but we were disappointed in how short it was, so we decided that all the girls-age 6-11 would start at the 10-12 line and then keep running past the finish to make it a little longer distance.

A Dad and I lead this gaggle of girls for about a little less than a mile (though the girls thought it was at LEAST 2!) beyond the finish line and then we headed home.  Along the way we cheered for the half marathon finishers, as our route passed the finish line.  I knew EXACTLY what they were feeling in that last mile.  It was a fun little physical fitness jaunt in grand old Central Park. Happy Norway!


One response to “Troll Stroll

  1. What a fun theme for a run. I love trolls, such interesting creatures.

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