NYC Yarn Crawl 2011

If you go to one yarn blog and visit one yarn store in NYC, the blog is purlbee and the store is purlsoho.  It is at this blog that I heard about the Yarn Crawl this past weekend.  I was very excited to participate.  I decided to go to stores that I had never been before, which goes along very well with my goal to visit all the yarn stores in NYC!

I did start with a repeat because I wanted to get materials for a scarf on their blog.  I took my girls and their friends with me to Purlsoho and we had a wonderful time.  We then hit a new one: Seaport Yarn, located downtown. Though the owner of the store was very helpful and there was a wide variety of yarn, I felt that the location (WAY downtown), and the vast amount of people frequenting the area (9/11 Memorial), I will not be returning.

Next we took a break from yarn crawling and went to the fashion district with one of my friends. We hit Mood first and then popped in and out of the fabric and trim offerings on 38th and 39th street.  We found materials for 3 more linen/pom-pom scarves for a better deal than at purlsoho–that’s the beauty of the fashion district. I saw pom-poms for sale that ranged from $1.50 to $6.99 a yard…you just have to KEEP LOOKING and not forget where you found the best deal.  This, as you can imagine, is exhausting…and so my children, out of necessity it seems, took a nap at the last trim store we visited.

Our final stop was to visit String on the Upper West Side.  The ladies here were very nice and helpful, but I found the atmosphere to be a bit stuffy for my taste.  However, my goal with the yarn crawl was to support each store I went to, so when Lolly fell in love with a pair of fingerless gloves, I got materials for those and then picked out a fun fancy yarn for me to make a scarf or a hat.  This store, located on the upper east side, did not post any prices.  At this point I have a pretty good idea what yarn costs, so I didn’t even ask.

When I got home and looked over my receipt, there was one ball of yarn that was about 4 times the amount of the others, and sure enough, it was the CASHMERE required to make Lolly’s fingerless gloves.  Oh dear.  I think I may be making those gloves for me instead.

On Day 2 of the yarn crawl, in an effort to not get sucked into a 6-year-olds cashmere dreams, I went to the Brooklyn stores with a friend of mine.  The yarn stores in Brooklyn are a TREASURE. The mood and attitude is much more my speed, and I hope to be making return trips.  Knit-a-way in Brooklyn is spacious and I like the way the yarn is organized in shelves and rows.  They have a nice big table for classes, and a bathroom!  I forgot to take photos of this store, but I liked it.

Next we hit Brooklyn General which is a dream. It is the Brooklyn version of Purlsoho.  The girls who work there wear little cotton dresses that look homemade (in a good way) and the dark wood and spacious building make you feel like moving in.  The selection of yarn, fabric, oilcloth (!) and books is incredible.  I ended up buying two oliver + s dress patterns.

Last stop was La Casita, and it’s a good thing, because it was a party in there!  Cafe and yarn store, it was packed and almost difficult to shop, but definitely felt like a destination.  I bought a pattern  from the designer herself and some yarn to make it with.

I loved the dissected knitted frog.  It was such an inspirational weekend. I now have 3 projects on needles and one crocheted turkey hat in progress. Now if I could just find more down time to finish!

6:30 PM Sunday Night: I just got a call from the owner of Knit-A-Way in Brooklyn.  I won one of the 14 gift baskets!  $350.00 worth of knitting products including:

Berroco’s “Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghan Book

Brown Sheep’s Nature Spun Chunky Wool

Buffalo Gold Lux Bison/Silk/Cashmere/Tencel Blend Yarn

Classic Elite Kit:  3 skeins of “Avenue” plus Sweater Pattern

Coastal Knits Book FREE Coupon (Alana Dakos & Hannah Fettig)

Erika Knight’s New Line of Yarns

Lamb’s Pride Bulky Yarn

S.Charles  “Crystal” Yarn  & Pattern

Jumbo Lantern Moon Rice Basket

Karabella’s Cosmos Yarn

Kim Hargreaves Pattern Book

Knit Bot Knitting Patterns (2) by Hannah Fettig

Knitter’s Pride Needles: Circular, Jumbo Straight, Square DPN’s

Never Not Knitting Patterns (2) by Alana Dakos

S. Charles “Luna” Yarn

SMC Select: Dolce Vita Skein

Shibui Merino’s Alpaca & 2 New Pattern Books: Texture & Toddler Knits

Soap Samples from Soak

Stewart Tabori Chang/Melanie Falick Book

Unicorn Fiber Wash Samples

Vogue Knittings’ “Knitopedia”  – A resource to keep forever!

Wow! This definitely makes up for the cashmere mistake and the fact that 2 weeks later, my husband is still sick!


5 responses to “NYC Yarn Crawl 2011

  1. You won big time. You’re “hooked” forever. I am green thinking about your prizes.

  2. SO awesome that you won that basket. And am I seeing oilcloth at Brooklyn General?!?!? Do you remember prices on the oilcloth?

  3. I can’t believe he’s still sick! What a nasty virus!!

    I can’t belive you won! YIPPEEE!!!!!!! I know nothing about yarn, but all of the color in these yarn stores pictures delight me!

  4. Your prize basket is right up there with the time I won a limo lunch. haha

    No but really, that is awesome!! You deserved to win that basket!

  5. I can’t believe the contents of that basket! So fun!

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