My Loves September

This month has been a whirlwind of activity and I didn’t record one love during the month like I normally do, so I know I have missed a bunch….but here are a few that came to mind on this, the last day of September.


begging for bangs, hating them a few days later

declaring your hate for reading, loving your book the next day

hating writing, writers workshop becoming your favorite school subject.

notice a pattern?

your self-authored halloween and christmas books. I love how you spell words, my favorite lately: chrees (trees…because you kind of pronounce it like CHrees)

mom, when I first start a song I don’t like it, but the more I play it, the more I LOVE it.  (that’s what practice is sweety)

Teaching me two part-harmony on your chorus song: “who built the ark? noah, noah, who built the ark? brother noah, built the ark.” wow. impressed.


Calling me a show-off after mother-daughter hip hop class

Being excited about sewing lessons

Your thrill at new additions to animal jam.

loving the yarn stores like your mama

Choosing trims at the trim store to embellish your halloween costume…you were so cute telling the guys: 1 yard please.

Whenever it’s quiet (no tv or music on) you sing sing sing…still.  Even at church the other day I was in the hall and heard someone singing in the bathroom, I didn’t realize it was you until I noticed you weren’t in the primary room after I returned.

I came to pick you up from school and saw a girl in my peripheral vision and thought: wow, she looks a lot like Phoebe… was you.


you have been sick for most of this month (it seems).  Hang in there.

Inventing a new word: Respiceness (respect & niceness) to help remind us of our behavior towards one another.

You have been go go go for many years now, seeing you stop dead in your tracks with this nasty virus has been a little scary. I don’t want to lose you!

You rallied for our shoot day…the best moment was when the crew was getting an aerial view of us crossing the street, and you did not cross with us, you just went your own way…hilarious (the whole reason I made you get dressed was to get a few shots WITH the family!!!)

All three of you were SO grumpy and difficult to be with the first 2 days of Memphis, and then you finally turned it around. Also, your swimsuits changed colors in that pool, I think the chlorine levels were mighty high, glad I skipped it.


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