For the first time in my 32 years of attending church each Sunday for 3 hours in my Sunday best, today I witnessed something I’ve never seen before.

A chapel full to the brim of people wearing their throw-away work clothes, sitting in silence, as they took the Sacrament.  Then bowing their heads in prayer and heading out to a line of buses to travel to NJ and serve hurricane victims for a day, in lieu of regularly scheduled church meetings.

Only 1 of the Posse boarded the bus as you had to be 16 to participate, but the rest of the Posse made cookies to give to those spending the day cleaning up.  I wish I could have been there working hard with my fellow Saints, but I spent the day with my own daughters and one more so that other adults could do it for me.

When Jason returned he kept using the word HORRIFIC over and over again. He said people’s homes which were built on stilts to be above water in the event of flooding, still got water in their houses.  He sent me this photo of a log that got caught in telephone wire…the water had surged up to 20 feet.

Since the hurricane was weeks ago, and despite volunteers helping every weekend, the mold build-up was incredible.  He said they would pull out plastic bins and they were full of water.  He told me he felt like he was on an episode of Hoarders, only the people weren’t hoarders.  Nothing was salvaged.  These homes were totaled.

He came home smelling like something I couldn’t quite identify and a red nose, burned from the sun.  A job well done.


9 responses to “Unconventional

  1. Can’t read this without a little lump appearing in my throat. BTW, I love your ward!

  2. It was the whole stake!

  3. How amazing! I didn’t know it was still so bad, terrible that I can be so naive to suffering so close to home.

  4. I still love your ward!

  5. that’s amazing. we had tornados hit our ward boundaries and to one member of our ward, and they didn’t even mention it in sacrament meeting. ty and i kept wondering why we didn’t do something similar-get out there and DO something! so glad you guys were able to serve!

  6. That is awesome and an experience that will change the victims and especially those of you that participated. Your ward & stake will certainly unify because of that service. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Helen Knowles

    That is an amazing story. Wouldn’t it be neat if other stakes would follow this example? A couple of weeks ago our ward spent time cleaning up the Anacostia near Peace Cross (this was after the hurricane, but before the Tropical Storm). The local governments were pleased with the help (and there was a lot of clean up following the hurricane).

    One of these days, someone will watch your children and you’ll get to participate in something similar (but I bet the mother whose child you watched was very grateful to know she could participate, and also that her child was being taken care of by a another loving mother).

  8. Truly inspirational. You all will never forget it.

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