Stitch ‘n Pitch

When I heard that there was a Mets game in which fiber artists would gather to watch while knitting and crocheting, I knew I had to be there. I recruited 3 other book club/knitting group friends to travel with me to Citifield.

I am embarrassed to say after 9 years of living in Queens, it was my first time. Can I just say-WOW! It is a beautiful field, very clean and tidy, fantastic food options and though our seats were as high as they get, they were not bad!

No more Yankees for me, I’m officially a Mets fan.

I searched for my piece of yarn bombing, but I think it was down in a different section and I never found it. : (  I did however, LOVE seeing all the fans with their projects, especially the FAMILY of METS fans, the woman yarn-bombing a bat in Mets colors, and a woman SPINNING.  I was surprised how many guys were there knitting, awesome.  The weather was gorgeous and the company fun.  Oh, and I also learned where Lolly gets her “crazy eyes”.  My friend shot a snapshot of my own version.


4 responses to “Stitch ‘n Pitch

  1. You got such great pictures of this event! I love it!

    • actually. I was really dissappointed, many of them were out of focus. I don’t know if my vision or my camera is acting up or both!? Maybe it was still on sports setting and there wasn’t enough light…I hope that was the culprit.

  2. Is this Heaven?

  3. Fun, fun fans! Knitting, crocheting fans even better!

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