Roller Derby

I got a text from a friend: Guess whose trying out for Roller Derby?

And suddenly it didn’t really matter who was trying out for roller derby, I needed to see a bout right then.

I had looked into trying out for roller derby myself, so I knew about the Gotham Girls Roller Derby.  The very next week we found ourselves there, taking in the sights and sounds of Roller Derby.

I had to have just the right outfit, so I ordered the GG tee and then slowly added layers until I felt satisfied I was fully derbytastic.  I was really glad I could debut my new docs at the derby!

Queens of Pain vs. Brooklyn Bombshells was quite an exciting match, my girlfriends and I had a great time watching the BB’s win by 1 point in overtime.  If my teeth weren’t so expensive, I would totally work towards getting on the team.

I loved:

The comradarie of the teams
The variety of body types
The cheerleaders
The hula hoop halftime show
The mascots
The fans

I will be returning to the Gotham Girls Roller Derby.


5 responses to “Roller Derby

  1. Inspiring. This is a side of you I have never seen.

  2. SO glad you finally made it to a bout :) wish you could derby with me!

  3. Utter Craziness. I love your ensemble!

  4. Or should that say “Udder”? It didn’t spell check so I am doubting.

  5. My cousin is on a Derby team here in MI, it is definitely a crazy fun environment. I went to one bout last year and I am sure I will be going again. Good times, love your outfit.

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