Gift: 25 Years

What exactly do you do to celebrate 25 years of marriage? The world wide web is so helpful (sarcasm). The suggestion is to give some silver. Boring.

I saw an idea on this blog for a birthday gift, and my siblings and I adapted it to be an anniversary gift.

I made a banner for them to put up on day 1, since I knew seeing 25 envelopes just sitting there would be a big temptation.

I was quite pleased with the variety of submissions.  My sister made some very heartfelt videos, which inspired me to make one that was not exactly heartfelt:

I sent the package to arrive just in time for the anniversary.  My Mom’s neighbor is a little boy, and the day before the anniversary he came to their door with a package: “Mrs. Anderson, I saw this package at 1234 Madison where I was playing, but it says 1234 State St. and YOUR name…so I brought it to you.”

I personally thought it was a miracle that he found it and got it to the correct recipient. I would have had a heart attack if it had never arrived.  Happy Anniversary to my parents! 25 Years!  If that’s not love….what is?


6 responses to “Gift: 25 Years

  1. I am the grateful recipient of this box and words cannot express how much we love it! Every morning, we look forward to opening our envelope and each envelope has been a treasure unto itself! Thank you to Kage and our other children for this priceless gift.

  2. Helen Knowles

    Those children of you are pretty clever – what a wonderful anniversary gift. The next 25 will be just as exciting as the first. Again, Happy Anniversary to you both.

  3. You do the nicest thoughtful things.

  4. Ha! Loved it! You are the best gift giver ever

  5. that is the cutest best video I’ve seen in a LONG time! wonderful.

  6. Okay. That video is genius. Nice job :)

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