Memphis: Food

Fried Okra
Barbecue Salad
Pink Hotdog

Peach Crush
The best cornbread situation I have EVER had

Banana Pudding
Hot Sauce
Donuts (Howard’s from Arkansas)

We knew that we would have to track down the best barbecue we could find when we went to Memphis.  We did very little planning, so found ourselves trying restaurants on a whim.  We ate a lot of delicious food, but unfortunately experienced very little ambiance.

There was a lot of iceberg lettuce and fried food in Memphis.  I found myself craving a bowl of raw spinach.  I opted for oatmeal and a run in the morning, to counteract the fried goodness I indulged in most days.  I still have some counteracting to do this week.


One response to “Memphis: Food

  1. My kids would be freaking out over the giant pocky! I would love some of that banana pudding!

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