Memphis: Sights

Our final summer adventure brought the Posse to Memphis, TN.  We spent almost a week in the South exploring a piece of America that we are quite unfamiliar with.  We had a great time:

Eating Barbecue
Attending the Memphis Redbirds Baseball Game
Watching the Ducks at the Peabody Hotel
Eating Barbecue
Watching the horse carriages
Riding the trolley
Visiting Local Yarn Stores
Eating Fried food
Getting donuts in Arkansas (to say we’d been to Arkansas)
Running into old friends
Attending the BYU vs. Ole Miss opening season football game (and WINNING!)
Visiting Lorraine Hotel where MLK Jr. was assassinated
Eating–cheaply I might add, check out that check for dinner in the photos above.


6 responses to “Memphis: Sights

  1. One day your girls are going to make you a box to celebrate your anniversary, and they are going to remember this trip to Memphis.

  2. Is that Whit and Fam in the bottom picture??? What a fun trip! You are a true yarn junkie now if you can’t go on vacation without checking out the LYS. Do you know about It’s like google map for knitting stores. AWESOME!
    Miss you guys!

    • I had to get through Memphis somehow (yarn kept me going on one particularly difficult day) YES! L fam met us there…more of them to come on the blog. Miss you too!

  3. Did you guys hit Graceland??!! That was a cool place to see – I went there on a cross country trip, and I’m not that into Elvis but it was really interesting. That’s a great thing to see in Memphis.

  4. ty’s gonna be so jealous! he wanted to go so badly but we just couldn’t swing it this time. it was a great game! glad jason made you go! (at least i’m assuming it was his idea….)

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