Rite of Passage

I had this great idea for our last week of Camp Mommy to shoot a music video. But first! Phoebe would HAVE to get her hair blown out. As soon as I pointed that hair dryer to her scalp I found the first bug, then another, and I put the hair dryer down and tried to think fast.  I turned to the other one and did a quick inventory but predicted I only had one case of lice to reckon with.

I knew it was only a matter of time until the lice came to visit.

Guess which kid got it? And yes, we treated both anyway.

What I learned from lice:

Better appreciation for the phrases: “with a fine toothed comb” and “nit picking”

I miss the touch involved with parenting little children.  Finely combing through my daughters hair for hours and hours was less of a burden and more of a bittersweet reminder that I no longer change them, dress them, bathe them, feed them, or brush their hair for that matter (which is why I caught the licey bugs a little late in the game!)

I care for my girls and will comb through their hair for hours and hours if that’s what it takes.

I could work for Hair Fairies. I was 100% dedicated to obliterating ANY sign small or smaller of those evil evil creatures.  I decimated that family in a single DAY!

The best way to treat lice is to pick every last trace of them out of the hair, no chemicals required. I OBLITERATED those pests in a single sitting….never had to use any chemicals after that.

Look at all those lessons I’ve learned….No need to repeat.


4 responses to “Rite of Passage

  1. Ugh. Friends of ours had it a while back and their whole family had it. They did go to Hair Fairies, or some salon in LA. And also treated their furniture and stuff. It was crazy for them. It made me so paranoid b/c T loves their little girl, I was searching for lice for weeks. Luckily we didn’t get them (this time), but you’re right – I think it is for sure a rite of passage. Glad you obliterated those bugs!!

  2. Another example of enduring to the end. You are an awesome Mom!

  3. Do you have a flashlight on your head! That totally rocks. Way to go, you conquered them!!!

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