Crochet: Neon Cowl

It’s Reversible!

I picked up this neon pink and neon yellow yarn by Manos De Uruguay at Loopy Mango.  I knew I had to have it, and after scowering ravelry and lion brand for the perfect cowl , I found it in lion brand’s porter’s cowl pattern.

It’s a tiny bit tight, but I keep stretching it and trying it on, and I feel it is GOING to work. It photographs so spectacularly, I am so pleased!  This took me a really long time to make…..I was surprised!

I know this will cheer me up on a cold winter’s day…maybe not as much as Olivia Newton John’s Pandora radio station though…toss up. Ooh! Maybe I’ll wear my cowl while listening to ONJ….that will be the perfect combo!


8 responses to “Crochet: Neon Cowl

  1. very cool! you look tan!

    • I swear I have worn 50 spf religiously all summer long. I think it’s a combo of no foundation (you can see all my freckles) and maybe the slight adjustment on the photo to make sure the neon looked neon.

  2. super cheerful for gray winter days!

  3. Um excuse me ONJ what?

  4. You look really tan in these pics!

  5. You really just answered me as if I didn’t know who ONJ is???

    Let me introduce myself… My name is Kelly, ONJ’s biggest fan that ever was… it is really nice to meet you…

    I was asking what is pandora and how do I find it???

    • Kristy Glass

      I thought it was a weird question coming from you too…. I thought you didn’t understand my abbreviation…. Pandora ? You’ve never tried it? Just go to or download the free app and type in any song or artist and they will provide you with a radio station. I loved onj’s b/c I also heard Karen and classic dolly/Kenny mixed in with classic onj….

      Sent from Kristy Glass’ iPhone

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