Hurrikage: After

The hurricane ended up being no big deal.  We experienced a storm much stronger and more horizontal than Irene just last week.  Right when news reporters predicted Irene would hit us in earnest, the sun came out.  So naturally, we took to the streets.

We noticed a little more water than usual, lots of folks returning home, a few trees down, signs askew, and a lot of wasted tape on windows.  It was quite windy too.

Better safe than sorry of course.  We had a memorable Posse weekend watching movies, playing games, eating junk and crafting.


4 responses to “Hurrikage: After

  1. glad your safe. its so crazy watching all that coverage because we are in a drought here in dallas. hopefully we’ll get something soon but we dont want all that!

  2. I knew you’d be out with your camera. Funny about the sun coming out.

  3. Glad everyone is ok!

  4. Kind of nice to have an excuse to stay cozy inside with the fam.

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