Ice Cream: Shake Shack

I think the best thing about Shake Shack‘s Custard is you can get it from the B Line, which is just an in-your-face to all those people standing in the OTHER line.  Of course I’ve waited in that line before, but walking up to the B Line for the first time and skipping all that wait was pretty satisfying.

Fromage Blanc Raspberry Swirl was the flavor on Wednesday and so I got that and Phoebe got chocolate. Lolly passed, she was looking a little green from too many times around in the tire swing.

Fromage Blanc Raspberry Swirl basically tastes like Raspberry Cheesecake.  Shake Shack Custard is mighty tasty…a slightly creamier texture than ice cream, like I wouldn’t put it on a cone and expect it to survive very long, but still quite enjoyable.

Last summer I loved the concrete that was vanilla custard, strawberries and orange poppyseed caramel.  I give Shake Shack Custard 5 hearts…Phoebe gives it 4.


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