We live a few short blocks from the Mandatory Evacuation Zone A.  In an effort to get our wiggles out, the Posse took to the streets on Saturday morning to check out the Pre-Hurricane Happenings:

Fancy Cars trying to get into covered garages:

Folks donning rainboots, umbrellas and backpacks:

The girls have created a panic room and Jason is catching up on cycling. I am cutting out patterns in the event we don’t lose power and I can sew all day tomorrow.  We’re doing good:


6 responses to “Hurrikage

  1. You capture the best images. They say a lot. Panic room looks so inviting!
    I hope the storm is strong enough that it isn’t a disappointment but also hope your windows are spared.

  2. I love the panic room. Thinking of you!

  3. Helen Knowles

    It is 4:00 p.m. and we are getting inundated with rain right now – waiting for the winds to arrive as well. Waves at Kill Devil Hills, NC are amazing. We are buttoning down for the long haul – church has already been canceled for tomorrow. Visiting teachers are contacting their assignments and checking in with everyone. Amazing how the church structure works in times of peril. Be safe as Irene creeps up the east coast. She’s slowing down now so we are supposed to get more rain/wind because of the slow down.

  4. Wish I were there!

  5. I said the same thing Mom! hahah

  6. Great pics – crazy to see NY look like this…really weird…

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