Our Girls Night Out last night was Max Brenner’s, followed by Flicks with Sticks at the Lion Brand Studio.  We had a most delicious time.

All summer we seem to be having a candy theme.  Our summer read-aloud (which we just finished a few days ago) was Candymakers.  The girls’ Camp Broadway show was Willy Wonka.  It seemed appropriate to have our last harrah at Max Brenner’s Chocolate Extravaganza Restaurant.

It was the girls first time having fondue. It was so rich, we started eating the fruit without dipping it.

After dinner we strolled on over to the Lion Brand Studio for a screening of Lady and the Tramp.  Can you remember the scene that involves knitting? (knitting has to appear in the movie…. get it? flicks WITH sticks).  It was pretty delightful to have the store close down and watch the film with fellow fiber artists. My favorite part was when we all burst into: “We are Siamese if you please.”  Turns out, I found my people.

Lolly and I made a lot of progress on her bubble scarf….She is an expert at Yarn-Over…we three-hand it very well.


2 responses to “GNO

  1. I want to live there so I can go to GNO with you.

  2. That is awesome!

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