I Sew: Elastic Waistband Skirt

My Mom and I attempted a chevron skirt from a 70’s pattern while she was visiting in June. I succeeded sewing a zipper and cutting and sewing on the bias, but never quite finished. I still had some extra fabric, so I challenged myself to make pockets for this skirt.

I LOVE the wide elastic I picked up at Mood for this skirt. I DON’T love that even though I measure and sewed the elastic very well, I did not measure it on my waist before completing the skirt.  It’s loose.  Luckily the elastic is stiff enough that I don’t think you can really tell.

Hey, how about those pockets?

Follow this tutorial for the pockets, then switch to this one for the elastic waistband.


7 responses to “I Sew: Elastic Waistband Skirt

  1. Helen Knowles

    Nice job – pockets aren’t easy. Looks great – don’t you love sewing?

  2. Girl! This is awesome!

  3. Personally, I am most fascinated by the hat you are wearing and I wish it was more visible in the photo.

  4. Great job. My Mom always sewed a “hidden” pocket in my dresses as I was growing up. To this day I call those “hidden” pockets. They are the easiest pocket to sew in a skirt.

  5. totally impressed. I’m also glad to know mood has thick elastic.

    • Mood has a SUPERB elastic section, surpasses any other trim store I’ve been too….though I can’t remember M & J’s selection….Purlsoho has neon elastic.

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