Knit Quilt: Baby Blankets

I have been going through some OLD photos for a project I am working on, and I found some photos of items I made for Baby Phoebz!

I hand quilted this quilt, like the entire thing, as well as the pillows.  I remember making that watermelon pillow by tracing a watermelon-shaped makeup bag I got as a free gift from Clinique (I still have that’s the perfect shape for my makeup on the go).  The green belt on the purple pillow I cut off an old lime green gingham jcrew dress of mine that no longer worked for me.

I sent that fabric to my sister in law with a sketch, and she made a matching bumper (is that what they are called?) for the crib and a ruffle for the bottom.  I’ll never forget shopping for the fabric at Joann’s in Maryland and having a woman insist that my bulge was a boy.  I didn’t let her sway me (and all those ultrasounds), I knew it was a girl and I went ahead and bought the fabric.

The items are pictured on this rocking chair that my castmates of A New Brain (at the Studio Theatre in Washington DC) bought me as a baby gift.

The little patchwork knitted blanket I made from a pattern I found in Martha Stewart’s Baby Magazine in the year 2000.  I don’t think she makes that publication anymore, but I saved 2 of them…I really liked the baby issues.  Sam is holding the baby in that picture….my have they both changed!


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