Yarn Store: Yarntopia

We found ourselves in the 110’s on the Upper West Side last week, so we stopped by Yarntopia. I had never been here before. It is a beautiful store. I love when a store is well organized and the shelves are stocked and full.  Everything felt very accessible.

The shop owner Donna was very cool and helpful.  While we were there a little girl and her wheelchair-bound mom visited the shop. The girl came in with her desired projected all printed out, and since there was no ramp her Mom waited at the door while Donna helped her find just the right items.  It was very sweet and endearing.  My girls wanted to buy everything in sight (so did I!) but we were on a browsing-only trip. I wanted to leave with some Lou-lou pom-pom yarn to knit up into a scarf, but 5 skeins at $15- each was not in the budget.

The downside of our visit was she was giving the air conditioning a break. It is very difficult to shop for wool in August with no air conditioning.  I won’t hold that against her though because I’m sure it’s expensive, and she did offer to turn it on.  I wish this store was a bit more convenient, nevertheless it is on my list to return merely for the vast selection and organization of it all.


2 responses to “Yarn Store: Yarntopia

  1. I’m clearly going to have to come for twice as long next time as we are going to have quite a “to do” list. We need to figure out what to do with Dad!

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